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August 2015
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Bens Favs

American Society Game or Show or Handbook.

Teaches players how to be a successful in the American society. It also can be branched out to cover each society in the World. Start out of elemtary school and starts teaching how to build good grades and why they are important for future oppurtunitues. Talks about college loans GEDs and. Talks about credit cards bankruppcty how to avoid scams of all kinds How to build credit and why that is important to buy future things such as cars homes and other things that require good credit. A book of knowledge and truths about and for American society.

No matter if you dropped out of high school got your GED high school diploma or are on your way to college this book is for you as it willshow you how to retire early with wealth and good standing in the American community.

Rule 1 never break any laws unless you want to change them. What is a law and how are they created?
Rule 2 as soon as you turn 18 you must enlist
Rule 3 by age 18 open a checking account at 2 banks and get 1 pre paid bank card.
Rule 4 trade in that car and get another financed this will help build credit
Rule 5

Fact you are now consider an adult and can be charged liked one in teh court of law.
Fact you live in a predominatly christian society that mains laugnage is english.

Lisa Breckenridge morphing

Lisa Breckenridge morphing

False values keeping us all poor

Until we get over the false values of various products and services in our society we will always have poor people and a very small class of rich people. Oil gold and diamonds are a start and what i mean by false values are prices put onto these things. Diamonds are said to be rare infact they are not what is rare is who owns the diamonds mines which is a small amount people and a handful of Governemnts around the World and they control the price of diamonds by not mining as much as they could and various other means of keeping the supply of diamonds on the open market up to what ever they demand for them.

The next is gold again not a rare metal by any means just not mined as much as it could be and again a only a few gold mines lay in the hand of a couple of people and corporations and Governments. But again the price per ounce is a made up number made up for various reasons a bullish market like now can raise the price of gold to thousands per ounce.

Finally the price of a barrel of oil there is actually more equipment and man power than ever before drilling and extracting oil than in any other time in the World and yet the price continues to go up, why? Because the main producers want it to if the Saudi Arabian Government wants oil at $90 a barrel it will not be long before it is.

2nd Jerusalem Dome of the Rock Temple Mount UFO video

2nd Jerusalem Dome of the Rock Temple Mount UFO video

UFO over Jerusalem

UFO over Jerusalem